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2009-03-26 17:06:05   Nice job on "Eye on the Bay" TV show. Good promo video piece. All BV'ers presented well. Good to see Dave and Kathy. —JohnDralla

2009-03-27 18:11:00   Definitely a good piece that KPIX did for their Eye on the Bay. I had to go online to see it though..... it needs to have fuller coverage..........It was as cozy and comfy and true as you can get. Truth be told about BV. I loved it. —SusiLewis

2009-03-27 18:12:41   Sorry, Tony I just say your msg from Dec.......ack! where was I? anyway... yes modems fry easily with surges, but now I have a beefy new surge protector/ups upgrade. My old one, was just that, old. Sometimes I wonder where my memory is, cuz I should have upgraded decades ago. —SusiLewis

2009-04-06 10:17:03   The 09-10 Season Passes for the ski area are on sale $299 (got mine). I was looking at the pricing for my 16 year old daughter and considering that, BUT what caught my eye was the "super senior" rate for over 75 - $39! I hope I'm still skiing at 75! Nick there are nice benefits to retiring! —BobRynd

2009-04-06 17:47:36   my dad was still skiing at 77. there is HOPE ! —SusiLewis

2009-04-06 19:10:52   $299 is pretty motivating actually... I for sure did not get my $450 worth of skiing this year. —TonyZuccarino

2009-05-22 10:52:43   Memorial Day is upon us. I'v heard the Forest Service Campgrounds are opening this weekend as well as Lake Alpine resort. Last weekend Lake Alpine was still covered 75% with ice - anyone for a refreshing dip in the water? But, Spicer was to open, probably Utica and Union Lake. I was up at Ebbetts Pass last Sunday(actually Tryon Peak) and could see that Highland Lakes were still very snowbound (as were the peaks around the lakes) —BobRynd

2009-05-22 16:18:15   None of our high country CG's are accessible yet...but Big Meadow, a bit of W Alpine, and maybe some at Silvertip, and of course, WakaLu . People are camping at Stan R CG, but no water pumps yet, no charge yet. Yes, can get to Ut/Un lakes,but is quite muddy in and around. Spicer is open. Thx for reminding me to do the update..You KNOW more than I? ha ha. —SusiLewis

2009-05-22 16:30:12   Actually Susi, I was proding you to do an update. —BobRynd

2009-07-27 08:40:49   MAS is having their Adventure Sports Festival over the course of the next few weeks. MTB - Grizzly Challenge coming up Aug. 15th, and the Ebbetts Pass Century on Aug. 29th. I missed the canoe/kayak fun this past weekend. Anyone join in the fun? [WWW]

2009-09-21 13:05:16   Does anyone know when the campgrounds at Lake Alpine close for the season? Pine Marten and Marmot?(is Marmot the one at the west end of the lake?) —BobRynd

2009-09-23 13:27:39   I just looked: per the FS website, June - Oct. weather permitting —BobRynd

2009-09-28 17:40:55   BOB- we just closed everything today. BUT, West end is always 'open', just no water anymore, and only toilet is the vault one bordering the highway. Have to shut/drain all water eating appliances before freeze. All high country etc is 'closed' but rest room vault toilets are open, just bring your own TP. No water at well pumps either. Closing of HL road dependent on weather/snow and the County guys. Don't know about Spicer Res CG. Stan R is useable, but no TP services or water pumps. Busy day! —SusiLewis

2009-11-20 08:27:16   OK, It's Friday before the Thanksgiving Holiday week. BV has been making snow all week. There is a good storm coming in tonight - maybe a 12+ inches of snow. Does anyone know if Bear Valley Mountain Resort is going to open for limited skiing(Mokelumne West?), perhaps the weekend after Thanksgiving (1 week away)? No word from the mountain to any opening date. Anyone have any info? —BobRynd

2009-11-21 21:35:18   Bear Vally Makes Sunset Magazine. Wow. —NicoleTesterLewerke

2009-12-11 13:55:31   Reminder: Winter Sports History Night on Saturday, Let's give Paul Peterson his deserved kudos an pats on the back! —BobRynd

2009-12-12 12:04:02   31000 visitors and 40000 page views in last month... fwiw. —TonyZuccarino

2010-02-03 12:32:42   An exciting weekend coming up. The freeheel crowd is in town for MAS' TELEFEST! With the weather predicted, it should be awesome. Also, "First Tracks" is running this Saturday 07:30. Get a jump on the powder with Martin and company! I'll be there! —BobRynd

2010-12-18 12:06:46   fixed the Forum tab... zapped the old one... so I installed a new one. fwiw. —TonyZuccarino

2013-08-08 10:17:28   Our site has been hacked, my personal profile was hacked by "Mata Mutiara". Safe links were replaced with false links to who knows where. She/He has gone in to the Weather and Web Cams and replaced links. Please be advised that we need to be careful about clicking on suspecious url links. It seems to be some Indonesian Islam babble. (no I didn't click on the links) —BobRynd

2013-08-08 18:41:59   sorry about that Bob... I easily reverted Kata's changes. whomever the heck he/she/it is.... —TonyZuccarino

2013-08-09 07:29:16   Thanks Tony. I'm glad you could revert back. I was looking for an email to notify you. I'm glad you checked in. On another note, When I have some time, I'll add to "Stuff to Do" with the addition of Disc Golf at Bear. How you been Tony? —BobRynd

Recent Pictures
Early Season Snow, atop Horse Canyon
The jumping rock at Utica
Murphy had to join the fun. NOT recommended for dogs
Splashdown - fortunately he was okay. He's been up there many times and never jumped before!

When the satellite image looks like this, it's time to take out the powder boards. This was the early March '09 storm that left 7 feet in two days
Grizzly Bowl on a powder day
Skiing Snow Valley
Nikki on Bloods Ridge - Thanksgiving 2007
Lake Alpine about 11/26/07 just a few days before the ice set in.
Spicer Reservoir late and dry from near Lost Lake. (That would be my kayak parked waaay down by the trees showing in the water. Rah! Headlamp. Rah! Batteries....)
Dardanelles Backside... if you were wondering.
Early November 2007
Coming back from Rock Lake late afternoon late summer during the Bummer Flat forest fire.
The Lake Alpine dam got fixed just before the snow fell. Thanks to the Little Dutch Boy for the heads up!
Bear Valley Polar Express at sunset 1-25-2010


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2008-01-24 14:51:29   who's the kid on top? —TonyZuccarino

2008-01-24 21:24:05   The skier is my daughter Kaitlin. —MichaelShorts

2009-03-08 13:43:39   great pic Michael... looks like I missed an Epic one! —TonyZuccarino

2009-07-13 14:40:15   Diane, I love the "splashdown" picture of Murphy! Classic form, probably learned from watching the high divers off the cliffs of Acapulco! —BobRynd

2009-07-14 20:41:58   Bob, He is a total meathead chocolate lab (whom we adore). Fortunately was not injured. We had no idea he would jump! The 15 or so boys out there for someone's 21st birthday loved it. —DianeLundquist

2009-07-26 21:09:46   Diane, great pics of Utica and the dog's perfect form!! —TonyZuccarino

2009-08-06 20:26:11   Tony, Thanks, actually the photo credit must go to Ursula Anderson (former BV local now back in Napa) She got some amazing photos that day. We're going to enter Murphy in "Splashdogs" next (doggy long jump into a tank of water) —DianeLundquist

2009-11-16 17:22:31   Went for a nice hike this past weekend; down Round Valley and into Horse Canyon. The early season snow put a nice white blanket on everything —BobRynd

2010-01-26 18:55:19   Nice moment, nice shot. —BobRynd

2014-07-02 16:53:10   Anyone knows the exact location where the Utica rock jump? My family and I would like to go and camp there. Please help. —KbVobouxasinh

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